Hair Growth Product Buyer’s Guide (updated May 2024)

NuHair Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth Review



NuHair Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth fell to the #3 spot when it didn’t quite make it as a top supplement or even a runner up. While this product does have some strong points, such as a great laundry list of ingredients, it failed in our eyes for containing many additional ingredients, a lot of which we felt were unnecessary and some even dangerous. In addition, it was not apparent from their site that they offer a money back guarantee if the product does not work for you, which speaks volumes about the confidence that they have in their product.

Is NuHair Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth Effective?

When a product claims to be made of the right ingredients, by all means it should be effective. Let us stress, should be. One issue that raises a slight red flag here is that NuHair Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth contains many additional ingredients such as Silica, Maltodextrin BHT, Gum Arabic, Sucrose, Cellulose Gum, Stearic Acid and Methylcellulose to name but a few, which may greatly reduce the effectiveness of the active formula but also, we are not sure what impact they may have on the body general, especially over long term use. Their label fails to state exactly how much of each of these ingredients is contained within the formula, something that consumers should be made aware of. That said, in the lab, its ingredients showed consistency with the label claims, which is a positive point.

Some other elements of this product also were not so straightforward. While the list of ingredients on the label is definitely attractive, the actual quantities of each ingredient in the formula are quite low which may limit the effectiveness. Consumers may be tempted to take more than the recommended daily dose to see the positive effects that these ingredients can bring, which is something that we would strongly recommend NOT to do. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about dosage.

Is NuHair Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth Safe?

This product contains ingredients that have been demonstrated in a clinical setting to lead to improved hair growth. NuHair Hair Rejuvenation Regrowth is a safe herbal supplement if it is taken according to proper recommendations. It has no reported side effects and can be taken with most medications.

The only concern with this supplement is overdosing. Some consumers think that they can get ahead faster and see better results by taking more than the recommended amount. It is important to keep in mind that taking more than the recommended daily dose per day could potentially pose some health risks. If you stick with the recommended dosage and stay consistent, you should see results soon enough.


Our final say is that these capsules would need to be a little higher in potency as well as getting rid of all the added unnecessary ingredients to get a higher grade. There were so many extra additives, fillers and binders that we were left bewildered why some had been added at all and why there was no clear indication of how much of each was contained within their formula. That said, the ingredients that it does contain are excellent and varied, targeted to combat both hair loss and stimulate hair growth. As most manufacturers provide a money back guarantee for consumers who are not happy with the results they experience, this manufacturer is falling short of industry standards by not offering a money back guarantee. This is a big negative for them. Without some changes, we had no choice other than to place this product in our #3 spot.

What You’ll Discover:

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The Top 6 Items to Consider:

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  3. Product’s Testing Results
  4. Company’s Reputation
  5. Consumer Reviews
  6. Return Policy & Satisfaction Guarantee

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