Having weak hair can be somewhat of a bother. It splits and breaks off easily and trying to make curls is painfully hard. It may be caused by heredity, underlying health condition, lack of particular nutrients in the everyday diet, by using strong and inadequate hair products and even poor combing technique. Have in mind that there is no miracle cure for thin hair, but with some time and effort, you may end up having that healthy, lush hair you’ve always wanted.

Many store bought brand shampoos claim that they strengthen, moisturize and rejuvenate the hair and prevent it from splitting and breaking off. While it might be true that they have active ingredients which can help in treating weak or damaged hair, most of them also contain synthetic detergents and artificial foaming agents, which are known to cause problems to those with sensitive skin.

How to make weak hair strongerFortunately, there is an alternative, in a form of a homemade shampoo. You only need three ingredients, distilled water, liquid soap base, a carrier oil, for example almond oil and an essential oil, such as rosemary oil. Almonds are rich source of vitamin B complex, vitamin E, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc, and most importantly, proteins, as your hair is made from keratinized protein fibers. Rosemary is believed to increase cellular metabolism which stimulates hair growth.

Avoid using blow-driers and hair straighteners, as they tend to dry out the hair and make it prone to breaking off easily. You can use a towel, preferably microfiber or any other highly absorbent towel to soak up the water from your hair. Also, brushing your hair is very important, as it stimulates the hair follicles. Make sure you avoid hard bristled brushes, they are good for stubborn hair, but natural, soft bristled brushes are more suited for weak hair.

Scalp massages are very useful, as they stimulate the blood flow, which carries much needed nutrients and oxygen to the follicles. Using your fingertips, massage the scalp in small, round motions. You can just use your fingers, or you may also add aloe vera gel or olive oil. Alternatively, you can massage the scalp while washing your hair in the shower.

How to make weak hair strongerAs your hair is made of protein, try to incorporate protein rich food in your daily diet, such as lean red meat, salmon, tuna or halibut, lean poultry, egg whites, peas and quinoa grains, peanuts, cashews and almonds.

Also avoid bleaching you hair and using hair dyes as they contain ammonia and peroxide, which are detrimental for the health of your hair. Either use dyes that don’t contain it or try natural dyes, such as henna.

Remember, washing your hair every single day strips off the natural oils coating it, making it dry and brittle and may even lead to oily hair, as dry hair needs the naturally secreted oil for protection.

Lastly, drink an adequate amount of water every day, as dehydration is known as one of the causes of weak and dry hair.

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