Super models of all ethnicities have such lush, gorgeous hair. It’s almost a requirement: a successful model must have healthy, beautiful hair. But that’s why they’re supermodels, right? They’re blessed with the genetics for glowing skin, a perfectly proportioned slim figure, and thick hair, right?

While there’s certainly some truth to that, you might be surprised at how much the correlation actually works backward. That is, with the dietary restrictions many supermodels impose upon themselves, they are actually encouraging hair retention and growth. Can diet really make that much of a difference? Most definitely.

This is not to say that all diets that encourage a slim physique prevent hair loss, and in fact, when a person becomes too thin, he or she is much more likely to lose significant amount of hair. A person who maintains a healthy balance, however, also contributes to the health of his or her hair, primarily by eating whole foods.

Diet and Hair

How to Naturally Halt Hair LossNot all whole foods are created equal. A person can eat raw vegetables all day, every day, and still have thinning hair. A diet that consists of only fruit is even worse, because although processed sugars are the worst nutritional offenders, even naturally occuring sugars (like those in fruits) have a negative effect if they are eaten in excess and/or to the exclusion of other foods. Diets high in sugar, according to traditional Chinese medicine, are, in large part, the perpetrators of hair loss. Certainly the number of Americans with thinning hair provides testament to this theory; Americans consume more processed sugars than any other country.

Processed sugars turn into unhealthy fats, devoid of nutrition; unhealthy fats clog up hair follicles and prevent further hair growth.

Specific Foods for Prevention

Foods rich with naturally occuring B-vitamins are especially important. Eggs, iron-rich red meats, and raw dairy products are filled with it. But you can go too far with animal products – too many fats, no matter how nutrient-rich, can counteract the benefits of the B-vitamins. Olive oil, coconut oil, and nuts, along with other nutrition-rich items, including seeds, sour berries, and seaweed, are all helpful, too.

Herbs and Supplements: Stop DHT

How to Naturally Halt Hair LossDHT, derived from the hormone testosterone, is the ultimate cause of hair thinning, so it’s important to find things to block it. Change the oil you use to stir-fry to pumpkin seed oil, which is an excellent DHT blocker. Begin drinking green tea every morning, or perhaps consider supplements with dried stinging nettles or saw palmetto – all of these options also block DHT.

Beyond Diet

The most surprising culprit that contributes to hair loss actually begins by weakening existing hair: shampoo. Shampoos are filled with chemicals that strip your hair of all of its natural protections, effectively frying it. In order to avoid frizzed-out hair, we turn to conditioner, and oily, chemically mess that clogs up hair follicles – and then prevents hair from growing.

Consider washing your hair with just water, then doing a once-weekly rinse of baking soda and vinegar. There are multiple recipes online, but generally speaking, one tablespoon of soda to one cup of vinegar is the advised proportion. Try one of the recipes, and tailor your diet accordingly – and naturally, you’ll find the ability to stop hair loss altogether!

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