Hair loss can sometimes be unavoidable, especially once you hit a certain age. It is actually one of the most common effects of old age to both men and women. The problem with most of the hair loss “solutions” that are available on the market today is the fact that they only focus on treating the symptoms rather than fixing the root of the problem.

In order to treat hair loss, we must focus on treating our scalp. The scalp is often overlooked until problems occur such as dandruff and hair loss occurs. At this point, our scalp is most likely quite damaged already and will take time and the necessary care to return to full health. In order to help speed up the treatment process, there are a handful of methods you can choose from. For now, we will focus on a natural treatment process that uses extracts from the Argan tree. How does the Argan tree help prevent and treat hair loss? Let’s find out.

Inducing Dermal Stem Cell Growth

How to Promote Healthy Scalp and Hair GrowthArgan tree extract has shown to have the capability to help induce dermal stem cell regeneration. In studies conducted on this particular plant, volunteers who used Argan tree extract showed a significant growth of new hair follicles within a month. The scalp also showed considerable improvement throughout the testing period. The Argan tree extract contains compounds that actually help in dermal stem cell growth, and because of this discovery, it is now being researched further in order to determine the exact properties that gives it this capability.

Other than Argan tree extract, there are several other compounds that are known to help promote hair growth and improve scalp and hair health.


Procyanidins are commonly found in chocolate, apples, and grapes and are also a subclass flavonoids. In particular, procyanidin B2 can help stimulate natural hair growth by shifting the state of hair follicles from telogen, or resting state, into anagen, which is the growth state. This means that it pushes the hair follicles to continue growing even when it is supposed to be in an inactive phase. Studies have shown that taking a procyanidin B2 supplement twice a day increases hair density as well as hair diameter in an individual in the span of a year.


How to Promote Healthy Scalp and Hair GrowthThis is a water-soluble vitamin that has been used to help treat hair loss problems such as alopecia. Taking at least 1mg of biotin a day can yield positive results in as early as a week. A study showed that taking biotin supplements once a day helped stop symptoms of biotin deficiency within a week. Continuous use resulted in new hair follicles growing over areas that were already experiencing a significant thinning.


Copper, or to be precise, tripeptide-copper complex, can help stimulate the base of the hair follicles to induce hair growth.

Tea Extracts

Whenever we go outside, our scalp usually takes the brunt of UV rays. This increases free radicals which can speed up symptoms of aging, hair loss included. In this regard, drinking tea might be more than enough to counterbalance this issue as it is known to contain high doses of antioxidants. Drink green, black, white and red tea as these are the ones that contain the highest levels of antioxidants that should eliminate any free radicals within the body.

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