Basic Information: What is HairVive by ActiveHerb?

This review will give you a comprehensive look at HairVive by ActiveHerb. It is a great product for hair that is falling out at a rapid rate. HairVive by ActiveHerb is basically an herbal product which contains unique herbs in it. These miracle herbs will make your hair stronger, thicker and stop them from shedding.


HairVive by ActiveHerb contains the following ingredients in it:

  • Goji Berry
  • Polygoni Multiflori
  • Glossy Privet Fruit
  • Prepared Rehmannia Root
  • Mulberry Fruit
  • HairVive by ActiveHerb does not contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors, wheat, gluten, dairy, sweeteners, soy, additives, preservatives or fillers etc.


You need to take 2 capsules of HairVive by ActiveHerb two or three times a day. For maximum benefit, take it with meals.


ActiveHerb contains 80 capsules which is supply for more than a month. The price of a single bottle is $13.98. However, if you buy a bundle of six bottles, then you can get them at a special price of $69.98.

What to Expect

I have had a problem of thin hair and the shedding of hair for very long. I have tried so many hair treatments and hair care products but nothing really worked for me. Then I found out about HairVive by ActiveHerb. HairVive by ActiveHerb was so effective that I started seeing results within 2, 3 weeks. My hair got thicker and the hair fall has also decreased. I need to take the maximum dose for about 3 months to see the best results. I’m on my 6th bottle and I certainly have high hopes that HairVive by ActiveHerb will stop my hair fall completely and make it stronger.

Keep an Eye Out

HairVive by ActiveHerb is very safe to use since it does not contain harmful products or additives in it. Nursing mothers, pregnant women, people suffer from any medical disorder or the ones who are already on medication, should consult a physician before using HairVive by ActiveHerb. You can also consult an herbalist. Avoid taking HairVive by ActiveHerb if you are suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, distended abdomen, cough or phlegm. Also, try to not consume oily food when you are using HairVive by ActiveHerb.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturers of HairVive by ActiveHerb do not offer any kind of warranty. There are not many customer reviews about HairVive by ActiveHerb, although the ones I found were positive.

The Bottom Line

In short, HairVive by ActiveHerb is a concoction of Chinese herbs which has amazing effects on the hair. It makes the hair dense and thick. It is also cheap if bought in bulk. HairVive by ActiveHerb is manufactured in a facility approved by FDA (food and drug administration) which complies with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). On the contrary, HairVive by ActiveHerb does not offer any money back warranty and it has not many customer reviews. In addition to that, you cannot use it when you have diarrhea, cold, etc. So, that is a downside.

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