Basic Information: What is Himalaya’s Anti Hair Loss Cream?

This review for Anti Hair Loss Cream will be helping the customers in making a wise and educated decision when it comes to using this hair cream and whether it is good for the hair or not. This specially formulated cream is expected to stop hair loss and promote growth of hair. It combines natural ingredients in doing so and is not available on the product’s website but on other shopping websites and convenience stores.


The key ingredients that are used in this cream are Butea parviflora (Palashabheda) and Butea monosperma (Palasha). Both are powerful herbs that help in the growth and strengthening of the hair.


One should massage the cream on to the scalp in a gentle manner. One should make sure that the whole scalp is covered and it is recommended that one should leave the cream overnight in order to get the best results and then rinse the next day.  It is recommended that one uses it daily and in case of severe hair fall one should use it twice a day.  It can stain the clothes but can be washed off.


For a tube of 2.9 ounces, the price is $7.77 along with free shipping. This is the only weight in which it is currently available and since the product’s website does not offer any products on sale therefore one has to depend on other shopping websites or the ones that are available at convenience stores.

What to Expect

I bought this cream thinking that it will work as it claimed but on using it for a week, there has been no difference to the quality of my hair as well as no reduction in hair fall. It fails to deliver what it claims as well as stains the clothes causing further inconvenience.

Keep an Eye Out

Although it is a safe cream to use, it does not work for Male Pattern Baldness as mentioned on the website of the product.  To be on the safer side, it is recommended that you use this cream on a small patch of skin and observe for a few hours, if it irritates then wash it off and see a doctor if the irritation persists. If not then it is safe to apply it.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There are no manufacturer’s commitment with regards to the product’s warranty or with regards to refund and return policy.

The customer reviews that are available on other shopping websites are negative and are not satisfactory when it comes to the product.

The Bottom Line

Himalaya’s Anti Hair Loss Cream uses good ingredients but fails to deliver what it promises. There is no manufacturer’s commitment when it comes to the warranty of the product or even the refund and return policy. The reviews are negative regarding the product and it seems as if using this cream is only a waste of time since nothing positive is expected on any front.


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