Basic Information: What is Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack

In this review you can read about the strengths and weaknesses of a product called Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack. Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack contains two products for maximum efficiency, Jeevan Herbals Hair regrowth powder and Jeevan Herbals Hair oil, which both fill different roles. Overall, the pack claims not only to prevent hair loss, but to speed up the growth of hair, whilst also strengthening each individual strand. To find out more about Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack, continue reading.


Something quite troubling is that even after extensive research, we were unable to find any information regarding the ingredients of the two products contained in the Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack. The packaging lacks this information also, and there is no proper documentation. This is a risk involved in acquiring medical supplies from a source which isn’t as closely regulated as American or European medicine manufacturers. The manufacturer claims that the formula of these products is based on traditional Indian medicine, and contains only herbs, which serve to strengthen hair roots in order to prevent further hair loss, and also reinforce hair follicles in order to thicken hair strands and increase the rate of growth – but we cannot verify any of this.


Again, the recommended usage of Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack is something that we had to guess. We applied the powder to the scalp twice a day, and used the hair oil once every day plus after every hair wash. All of this was based on a guess.


Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack costs Rs. 3,000, which at current conversion rates is a little over $45. Add to that the potentially astronomical shipping fees if you are ordering from anywhere other than India, you’ll be paying an immense fortune for this product.

What to Expect

For the purposes of this review, we acquired one set of Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack, which was considerably difficult. However, after using up all of it, we honestly should not have gone to the trouble. The website claims that we will begin to see slight improvement within 45 days and full result in 90 days, which compared to other products is already rather weak, but the pack ran out after 50 days or so and we saw no visible improvement.

Keep an Eye Out

Considering we do not know the ingredients of this product, and the fact that it is 100% herbal, chances are you might be allergic to it.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is a 45 day money back guarantee covering Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack – provided you live in India, of course. Customer reviews outside the website are few and mixed, though one of the first thing to pop up in Google when typing the manufacturer’s name is “Jeevan Herbals Concerns”, which isn’t exactly reassuring.

The Bottom Line

While Jeevan Herbals Hair Regrowth Pack smells pretty nice and contains no artificial ingredients as far as we know, several issues such as the lack of ingredient information, risk of allergies, lack of directions, high shipping fee, and weak results urge the selection of a different product.

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